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Colors of Freedom in the Adirondacks Poster - June 22, 2024

Juneteenth – Colors of Freedom in the Adirondacks

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在德克萨斯州, slavery had continued as the state experienced no large-scale fighting or significant presence of Union troops. Many enslavers from outside the Lone Star State had moved there, as they viewed it as a safe haven for slavery.

After the war came to a close in the spring of 1865, General Granger’s arrival in Galveston that June signaled freedom for Texas’s 250,000 enslaved people. Although emancipation didn’t happen overnight for everyone—in some cases, enslavers withheld the information until after harvest season —celebrations broke out among newly freed Black people, and Juneteenth was born. That December, slavery in America was formally abolished with the adoption of the 13th Amendment.

The year following 1865, freedmen in Texas organized the first Juneteenth Celebration on June 19th. In the ensuing decades, Juneteenth commemorations featured music, 烧烤, prayer services and other activities, and as Black people migrated from Texas to other parts of the country the Juneteenth tradition spread.

In June 2021, Congress passed a resolution establishing Juneteenth as a national holiday; President Biden signed it into law on June 17, 2021.

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Our Commitment

Paul Smith’s College is making strides towards implementing ways to create and support a diverse and inclusive community on campus.

Why is Diversity Important to Our Students

  • Diversity expands our experience
  • Diversity enhances social development
  • Diversity prepares students for future career success
  • Diversity prepares students for work in a global society
  • Interactions with people different than ourselves increases our knowledge base
  • Diversity promotes creative thinking
  • Diversity enhances self-意识
  • Diversity enriches the multiple perspectives developed with academia

2024 Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Award

Congratulations to faculty member Joe Henderson and 宝盈bbin官方登录 student Wesley Burkit

2023 Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Award

Congratulations to 宝盈bbin官方登录 student Aysia Smith!

2022 Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Award

Congratulations to staff member Ricky Williams and 宝盈bbin官方登录 student Widnie Dorilas!

Paul Smith’s College First Nation Club

The purpose of First Nations is to better educate the 宝盈bbin官方登录 community and us in the knowledge and history of the First Nations people and their traditional practices. We aim to develop and participate in programs that possess both traditional and non-traditional activities in which we share our knowledge with each other. All are welcome.
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Paul Smith’s College Pride Club

The mission of the Pride Club is to foster a safe and supportive environment for all students regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. The club seeks to achieve this mission through education, 意识, and connecting with allies in the student body staff, and faculty. All are welcome.

For more information, contact Deb Naybor for more information.


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